Clayton Bailey was invited to speak to a group of conferees at the "Super Mud" Ceramic Conference in Niagara Falls,NY, in 1975.

Bailey devised a demonstration of his "psychic powers" using the medium of moist clay on the potter's wheel.

Clay, is actually a very good medium for psychokinesis due to its malleability which can be changed, (softened or hardened) according to one's psychic abilities.

As an artist and teacher, Bailey believes in the importance of the hands for shaping clay. Only after a mastery and appreciation of manual skills has been established, should the use of psychic power be attempted; as an advanced method of bending and forming the clay.

In his demonstration at Niagra Falls Carborundum Center, he uses his psychic power to throw a pot with the mind instead of the hands. By focusing the psychic energy, microscopic particles of clay can be Forced to "slip".

"It's as simple as tuning radio waves with your mind, it's a matter of "mind over matter", Bailey explained at the demonstration.

Bailey uses a special device which he invented for the purpose of focusing the psychic energy for useful work. The "Electro Encephalo Strap" is a head-band that, functions as a psychic energy collector and bio-magnetic transmitter.

A "Visible Spectrum Barrier" is a cloth curtain used to shield the spectator's eyes from exposure to the actual psychic energy fields. It also permits the demonstrator to practice a little slight-of-hand behind the curtain.

The "gimmick", or device designed by Bailey for this demonstration, is a collapsible bottle made of rubberized paper and supported inside by a large coil spring. When collapsed, it looks like an ordinary lump of clay on the wheelhead. When it is slowly lifted during the psychic demonstration, it expands like an accordian, and becomes a thirty six inch tall cylindrical bottle.

To demonstrate the power of mind over matter, Bailey puts the "Electro Encephalo Strap" on his head, places the fake lump of clay on the wheel and explains his concept of scientific psycho kinesis thusly:

1- The brain visualizes what it wishes to accomplish with its psychic energy.

2- Every particle of matter is an energy transmitter.

3- The brain is a versatile energy transmitter and receiver.

4- Resonant frequencies can be acheived, and this resonance produces a "servo effect" within its vibratory field (i.e. two tuning forks vibrating when only one is struck).

5- The Electro Encephalo Strap uses a silicon/Galena crystal to tune and boost the psychic energy to a strength which can move clay particles. 6- The energy cone on the Electro Encephalo Strap focuses the psychic energy on the clay.

The "visible spectrum barriers" are erected between the potter's hand and the spectators' eyes .

The lump of clay is to be seen to rise, higher and higher until a thirty six inch tall bottle is miraculously formed in five seconds. Suddenly, a figure bursts from the crowd, interrupting the demonstration, by throwing a lemon creme pie in the face of the 'psychic potter".

"You're a fake", the pie thrower shouted. Thus the crowd learns they have been conned, but in the end they applauded and laughed.

It was just as P.T. Barnum had said; "Promise them anything but give them a show".