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Patsy vonRanson, Susan Subtle and Betty have dinner at the Shark Bar.

Watercolor on Paper 14" x 20"

THE SHARK BAR One evening in Hollywood we were invited to dinner by a very prominent food critic to the Shark Bar on LaCienega. We parked behind a big black limo while waiting for the valet and watched Magic Johnson and his entourage exit the limo in front of us and enter the restaurant. When our group entered the restaurant, Magic was standing in the aisle and we were unable to pass him to get to our table. Patsy reached to tap his back to ask him to excuse us, and she touched the top of his butt instead! After an interesting taste test of six different dinners we headed out to claim the minivan. The boys at the valet drove up to us in a Mercedes convertible and handed over the keys. After we explained that we arrived in a minivan, it took them 15 minutes to find it as they parked it across the street away from the Mercedes, Jaguars and Limos that were in the parking lot of the Shark Bar.

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