Roboto Bononoff Conducts the Trombone Choir, St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco.l983. Full size metal Robot made by Clayton Bailey conducts The Bay Bones performing Prokofiev . 20 minutes.

Show of Robots, Clayton G. Bailey's lifesize metal Robots on exhibition at the Chevron Building, San Francisco. l983

The Fernandez Mansion, A Tour of this Historical building in Pinole, CA by Dr. Joe and Gretchen Mariotti, l983. Shown on Pinole Cable Television. 25 minutes

Roy DeForest, Painter-Sculptor. Opening reception and show of paintings and sculpture. Fuller Goldeen Gallery, San Francisco. l984 and l986. 20 minutes

Joy Broom, Painter-Sculptor. The artist presents a tour of art works in her studio in Crockett, CA. 28 min. l2 sec. l984.

Leta Ramos, Painter. The artist paints and talks about techniques; developing a painting, and philosophies. l986. 32 min. l2 sec.

M. Louise Stanley, Painter-Sculptor. The artist talks about her work at the Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco. l986. l4 min. 23 sec.

Richard Shaw, Ceramic Sculptor. A show of Ceramic Sculpture at the Quay Gallery, San Francisco. l986. 5 min.

Gerald Heffernon, Sculptor. An exhibition of rare and fantastic dogs created by Gerald Heffernon. Joseph Chowning Gallery. San Francisco. l986. 3 min. 30 sec.

The Creature Show. A Group Show at the Joseph Chowning Gallery, San Francisco. l986. 3 min. 30 sec.

Peter Saul, Painter. Opening Reception and Show at the Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco, l986.

Tattooing Reality, A Show of Tattoo Artist's Paintings. Don Sokur Gallery, San Francisco, l986

Creative Growth Art Center's Clients make Ceramic self-portraits at Cal. State Hayward, l985. 40 minutes

City Lights, Opening Reception of exhibition at the Creative Growth Art Center, l986. 8 minutes

The First Artist In Space, Clayton Bailey and Greg MacGregor attempt to put the first artist in space with a small explosion l987. (Shown on Martinez Cable Television.) 5 minutes

Making a Shark Head, Mold making and slip casting demonstration by Clayton Bailey for Hands in Clay Book by Charlotte Speight l987. 20 minutes

Women Who Smoke. Twelve women speak about smoking cigarettes. Produced and Directed by Betty G. Bailey. l988. l5 minutes

Barbie In Space, Performance by Clayton Bailey and Greg MacGregor, l989. An attempt to shoot a Barbie doll into Space in a rocketship. l0 minutes

The Crockett Rocket. Clayton Bailey and Greg MacGregor demonstrate experimental rocket bicycles at the Crockett ,CA Stadium. 2-11-89. l6 minutes

The Bull Valley Peaceable Kingdom, A Documentary of Animal Behavior. Produced and Directed by Betty G. Bailey. l989. 7 min.

New Ceramic Sculpture by Clayton Bailey, l989. l0 minutes

David Gilhooly, Clay Sculptor. The Last Clay Show. Opening Reception at the Joseph Chowning Gallery, San Francisco. l990. l0 minutes

Wonders of the World , Redding Museum, Kaolithic Exhibition and Lecture by Clayton Bailey. l990. 50 minutes

Roy DeForest, Clayton Bailey and Bob Arneson, Lectures and Slides, Walnut Creek Art Center. l990. l hour 30 minutes

Robot Show, Opening Reception and show of life-size metal Robots by Clayton Bailey at the Fresno Art Museum. l99l . 20 minutes

Raku Geyser Bottle Performance. Clayton Bailey and students from Cal. State Hayward demonstrate performing Raku Geyser Bottles. CCACA, John Natsoulas Gallery, Davis, Ca. l99l. 30 minutes

The Fletcher Benton Soda Canyon Tennis Tournament. Ten Year Anniversary Special features artists of the S.F. Bay Area playing tennis l984-l994. Fletcher and Bobbie Benton, Leta and Mel Ramos, Betty Jean and Wayne Thiebaud, Darlene and Dick McLean, Betty Bailey and many more. 45 minutes

Jewel Bleckinger and Michael Orland in Concert, Folk Art Singer and Pianist performance. l989-l993. Arlington Community Center. El Cerrito, CA. 45 minutes

The History of Mischief in Ceramics. Slide Lecture by Clayton Bailey at the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art, Davis, CA. l993. 35 minutes

New Ceramic Sculpture 1993. Pacific Rim Ceramic Conference, Honolulu Academy of Art. l993. Group Exhibition Opening Reception and Geyser Bottle Demonstration by Clayton Bailey 30 minutes

Face to Face: Clayton Bailey and Traditional Southern Face Vessels. An exhibition of grotesque face jug vessels made by slaves in South Carolina in the l800's and the humorous contemporary face jugs created by Clayton Bailey. San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum. l993. 10 minutes

The Chair Affair. An exhibition and auction of chairs made by Bay Area artists, including Bill Wiley, Robert Hudson, Clayton Bailey, Mel Ramos, Gary Bennett and many others, to benefit the Oakland Museum of California. l994. 30 minutes

The Port Costa Talent Show. Local folks, young and old, singing, dancing, doing magic, animal acts and more. l994, l995, l996, l997.1998,1999,2000. l hour 30 minutes.

Peter Voulkos, Ceramic Sculptor. Opening reception of the retrospective exhibition of ceramic sculpture by Peter Voulkos at the Oakland Museum of California. l995. 6 minutes

Leta's Shoes. The fanciful shoe collection of Leta Ramos. l995. 5 minutes

Fighting Crime With Art. Slide Lecture by Clayton Bailey at the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA. l996. Cailfornia Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art . 48 minutes

The History of Ceramics in the Comics. Slide Lecture by Clayton Bailey at the Walnut Creek Civic Art Center. l996. 50 minutes.

Hello Again. A New Wave of Recycled Art and Design. Opening Reception of the "Hello Again" exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California. Wild, Wonderful, Weird Art and Design made from recycled products. Includes a Steel Drum Band, a performance by real life garbage men, and a sampling of a 600 pound sculpture made of chocolate. l997. 25 minutes

Hello Again Tour with Susan Subtle and Clayton Bailey. This is a tour and in-depth explanation of pieces in the "Hello Again" show. Oakland Museum of California. l997. 45 minutes

Hello Again. A New Wave of Recycled Art and Design. Opening reception and tour of show by Susan Subtle and Clayton Bailey, Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, CA. l997. 40 minutes

Joy of Art. Slide Lecture by Roy DeForest at the Oakland Museum of California. Roy presents a retrospective view of his paintings and sculptures, from the l950's to l998. 1 hour 10 minutes.

H. C. Westermann-West. Curator, David King presents an in depth view of the works of H. C. Westermann. Richmond Art Center. l997. 25 minutes

Smith Anderson Editions - Nevada Art Museum Opening. August 19, 1998. 5 minutes 19 seconds

First Opening Night of b sakata garo (gallery) of Fine Art. October 9, 1998. 15 minutes 30 seconds

Ann Adair, Cosette Dudley, Carol Dudley Foster, Leta Ramos Opening Reception. b. sakata garo (gallery) March 13, 1999 - 6 minutes

"What Is Art For" Opening Reception. Oakland Museum March 19, 1999, Wm. T. Wiley and Mary Hull Webster - 6 minutes 30 seconds

Mary Hull Webster Performance. "Nothing But Words". Oakland Museum April 24, 1999 - 36 minutes

Wm. T Wiley. " A Sound Event". Oakland Museum. May 21. 1999. 40 minutes.

Toby Lurie "Performance Painting", Epperson Gallery. June 6, 1999. 39 minutes.

Aenea Mitsushima Keyes - Violinist. "Transformations". Oakland Museum. June 27, 1999. 46 min. 24 sec.

"Inconclusive Acts", Wm. T. Wiley and Artists in Exhibition. Oakland Museum. July 16, 1999. 38 minutes

Betty Boggess Lathrop, Plein-Air Painter. Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA. February 26,2000. 5 minutes

Noriko Sawada Bridges Flynn, The Labor Archives & Research Center, San Francisco State University, honor "NIKKI", celebrating her creativity and labor activism. May 17, 2000. 40 minutes.

Harold Schlotzhauer, Kristi Hagar, Nancy Erickson, Leslie Van Stavern Millar. Opening Reception. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Rental Gallery, Fort Mason, San Francisco. June 7, 2000. 15 minutes

Neiman-Marcus Ohcool 2000 Christmas Book Launch Party, Dallas, TX, September 25, 2000, 6 Minutes.

Slide Lecture by Clayton Bailey, San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA, September 28, 2000, 54 Minutes.

Art Lover's Tour to Italy May 2001. 2 hours. Rome, Florence, Assissi, Gubbio , Arrezo and Venice are visited on the videotape.

Art Lovers Tour to France May 2002. 2 hours Paintings in the Louvre and the D'Orsay Museums highlight this videotape. The architecture and life in Paris and walking the steps of Cezzanne, Picasso and VanGogh in the South of France cities of Avignon, Arles, and Aix de Provence.

Tour of Horta, Spain and surrounding communities. 1 hour. October 2002

Tony Natsoulas. Oakland Museum Sculpture Garden. June 2001. 15 minutes Tony's show includes bigger than life size ceramic portraits of the Beatles, Carman Miranda, Picasso, Clayton Bailey and many more..

Gary Bennett. Oakland Museum. June 2001. 20 minutes. This is the opening reception for Gary's show of wood furniture and sculpture.

Irene Pijoan. Walnut Creek Civic Art Center. 15 minutes. This is the opening reception of Irene's show of paintings and cut paper sculpture.

Memorial for Pete Voulkos, Berkeley Art Museum. April 2002. 1 Hour..

Memorial for Pete Voulkos, Oakland Museum of Art, April 2002. 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Celebration of Life at the Dome, Pete Voulkos. April 2002. 30 minutes.

Celebration of Life of Francis R. Coelho. Artist and Art Educator. August 2002. 1 hour 15 minutes.

Port Costa Talent Show 2002, 2004, 2006. 2 hours. Zany comedy, music and dancing acts by the talented residents and friends of Port Costa

Return Engagement Opening Reception. COPIA, Center for the Food, Wine and the Arts, Napa, CA. September 20002. 45 minutes. Curator Susan Subtle Dintenfass has gathered art works by 25 artists who use recycled articles to make their art.

Lecture by Susan Subtle Dintenfass. COPIA. September 2002. 25 minutes. Susan tours the show of Recycled Art.

Lecture by Clayton Bailey. COPIA. September 2002. 1 hour. Clayton gives a slide lecture about his art career and how he became inspired to make Robots out of old coffee pots and other aluminum shapes.

Celebration of Life of Noriko Sawada Bridges Flynn, 1923 - 2003, February 18, 2003 -1 hour

Jaw Harp Concert, Down Home Records, Bailey, Becerra & Raskin. June 2005 -1 hour

"Fired at Davis", Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University. Paula and Ross Turk collection. October 2005 -5 minutes

Ruth Freeman 75th Birthday Viola Concert and Party, July 15, 2006 2 hours

Roy DeForest Memorial: Center of Contemporary Arts, Sacramento, CA 5-7-2007

Tribute to Roy DeForest, di Rosa Preserve, Napa, CA 7-7-2007

Tribute to Roy DeForest SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA 9-07-2007

Tribute to Roy DeForest, U.C. Davis, CA 11-13-2007

Clayton Bailey lectures at the opening of his 50 year retrospective exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum, October 25, 2011

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